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Next Court Date March 15 @ 8AM

next court Date Tuesday, March 15, 2016, 8:00 AM Sharp Judge Ziblich Seciton L   More details to come….

Prime Time Media Coverage   — Story aired Friday Feb 26

Barring any unexpected delays, the WWL news report about the high waste of taxpayers money going towards further prosecuting obvious cases of innocence, featuring my case as case in point, is projected to air on tomorrow, Friday (2/26) at 10pm. And will air again that following Monday (2/29) at 10pm. I appear in court that same morning at 8:15am, section “L” at Criminal District Court (2700 Tulane Ave.).

Airing postponed because of local weather damage. I’ll inform you of new airing time & date… Thanks!

“Jerome on WWL”

 Tuesday, February 23rd at 10:00 P.M. on WWL,  Mike Perlstein will be reporting how the history of wasteful spending & withholding evidence in obvious cases of innocence by the Orleans Parish DA’s Office has destroyed important lives, families, & communities. These elected officials need to be held accountable & suffer the consequences once & for…

Next Court Appearance:

Hello Community! So sorry for the delay. I’ve been really busy… Nonetheless, I wanted to take the time to update everyone on the status of the case. We are currently awaiting a ruling from the Appeals Court in regards to Judge Zibilich’s decision concerning the suppression of the coerced identifications from the 1994 trial. However,…

Unfavorable Ruling

Hello Everyone! Sorry this post is so delayed. I very much appreciate all of you who we’re present to hear Judge Zibilich’s ruling. And I also, just as much, appreciate being included in all of the prayers and meditations!!! Yesterday Judge Zibilich granted our Motion to Suppress Identification in part, and denied it in part….

Ruling Delayed ‘Til 1/13

Thank you for attending my hearing this morning! Your presence in the courtroom affords me the strength to get through this ordeal. The judge did not rule on the motion to suppress the identifications today; but let’s be hopeful that he is beginning to understand the ruling that justice entails. The judge will issue his ruling…

Judge Makes Ruling 1/6/ 16

Next Court Date Jan 6, 2016…

Thank you to everyone who continues to stand with me in my fight for freedom.Your presence commands justice. Your support is intensely appreciated!!               Next Court date Jan 6 @ 8:15 A.M- Judge will render his decision on the motions and arguments heard  on yesterday (Dec 14), deciding if he…