My Current Situation


RAE Grooming Barbershop, LLC

1212 Saint Bernard Avenue, New Orleans, Lousisiana

– Present   

Providing the space to employ men from the community, and offer young boys from the community  a place where older men teach by example, while grooming the youngsters to have a more valued and principled adulthood. — interview on WWL about the Grant Awarded to RAE Grooming from PitchNOLA to further our efforts in the community.

photo 4 (6)Programs Director

Resurrection After Exoneration House

1212 Saint Bernard Avenue, New Orleans Louisiana

– Present   

Resurrection After Exoneration is a Non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of Exonerees after incarceration.

Our Vision
The vision of RAE is to serve as a model for organizations worldwide in providing services for formerly incarcerated people and providing a platform to address the legal and social issues that result from wrongful incarceration.
Our Mission
RAE will promote reform-minded leadership among those who have been imprisoned by assisting them during their transition process to ensure a successful reentry, and by empowering exonerees to confront and reform the system that victimized them.

The Star Institute for Conscious Organization

– Present 

The Star Institute for Conscious Organization emerged from the synergy of Students at the Center and Resurrection After Exoneration as an interdisciplinary youth-centered participatory action research entity.

Star Institute supports Black and Brown youth as they draw on their realties and experiences as a means of further developing individual and collective consciousness essential to educing the intuitive and precise thinking necessary to circumvent power disparities and negative quality of life facilitated and sustained by the academic and prison industrial complexes.

In the Spirit of the Black Radical Tradition, we aim to learn with, resurrect and embrace families and communities disproportionately impacted by these industrial complexes toward the creation of the education experience and society necessary to ensure enhanced quality of life and biological survival.

photo 2-1Managing Owner

Park Roots Productions, LLC

– Present 

Producing, publishing, sell, and distribute intellectual property and media, including but not limited to digital, audiovisual, and written works. This also includes logo design .

imageCo Facilitator of Critical Writing

Students At The Center at McDonough 35 High School

July 2011 – Present

Students at the Center (SAC) is an independent program that since 1996 has worked within public schools in New Orleans. The students of SAC participate through English and elective writing and social studies classes in their schools. We teach both regular and advanced core curriculum classes that are open to all students. In addition to the daily classes, since Hurricane Katrina, SAC graduates have worked as key staff members, serving as resource teachers in public school classrooms, organizers for youth involvement, and producers of youth media.

photo 5-1Maintenance

Laurel Outdoor

3613 Hessmer Drive, Metairie, Louisiana

– Present  

Posting ad signs on city buses, streetcars, and providing maintenance on bus shelters.