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image  —   See the evidence District Attorney Harry Connick’s  office withheld, which proves I could not have been the shooter. Also read comments of the victim’s mother.


Jerome Morgan, 37, has been behind bars for 20 years after being convicted of opening fire at a “Sweet 16” hotel party in Gentilly, killing one and wounding two. His attorneys are now arguing his conviction should be overturned after witnesses now say they were never sure of their identification, but were pressured to choose him by the murder victim’s family and police.  –The witnesses recanting their statements, revealing the corruption after 20 years .

image   —- I was finally  granted a new trial on  Jan 17 2014 after 20 years of being wrongly imprisoned.   Yet, after all that’s been revealed, current District Attorney Cannizzaro and his team still vowed to appeal the overturning of the conviction.

image   — article after my release featuring Innocent Project of New Orleans Attorney, Emily Maw and myself in feb 2014

image  — news story after my release in feb 2014


image  — Cannizzaro appealed Judge Darryl Derbigny ‘s decision to overturn my wrongful conviction all the way to the Louisiana Supreme Court. His writ was denied, in both the Louisiana 4th Circuit  and the Louisiana Supreme Court.

image –   Scare tactic?  Cannizzaro decided to prosecute the witnesses for recanting.


Jerome Morgan, who has just won a chance at a new trial for a 1993 murder he says he didn’t commit, was released from jail after spending 20 years at Angola on Tuesday night February 4, 2014. “I’ve never felt better,” he said. Speaking to the press on Wednesday, he said the hardest part of his experience is knowing how his incarceration hurt those around him. “I’ve done the time but throughout my time a lot of people have been there with me in their thoughts. They have suffered along with me. That’s what hurts the most. That this situation caused pain to the ones you loved the most.” (Photo by Kathleen Flynn, / The Times-Picayune)   Read what happened when District Attorney Cannizzaro tried to raise my bail to 1 million dollars after the Louisiana Supreme Court upheld the overturning of my conviction.

image  — The next tactic from Cannizzaro was to have Judge Derbigny, who ruled in my favor , recuse himself from the retrial. a trial that shouldn’t even still be happening because I’m innocent.

image  — da wants to use false statements against me

Judge Franz Ziblich

Judge Franz Zibilich – about the ruling on Jan 13, 2016

There is no public reporting of the plea deals that have been presented to me. But I’ve turned them down. And will continue to turn them down because I am innocent