support for jerome 2

Hello Community:

Thank all of you so very deeply for your support at my November 23rd court date!!! Wow, what a turnout and impact! I’m really speechless. On that day, your presence brought humanity into a space that is often lacking and allowed me to feel human inside that space. Though our fight is far from over, we can all attest to the power in unity when standing against the adversarial criminal injustice system. On behalf of myself and every wrongly imprisoned person…WE THANK YOU!

There’s always so much to digest from the courts, and November 23rd was no different. To put it briefly, Judge Zibilich has ordered a hearing where he will hear from the two witnesses who were coerced into identifying me as the person who murdered their friend 22 years ago. After hearing the circumstances surrounding these identifications, Judge Zibilich will determine whether the prosecution may still use those coerced identifications at my new trial in March of next year. Though the hearing will be on December 14th, the Judge’s actual ruling will be given at a later date some time before March.

Again, I thank you for your overwhelming love and ask for your continued support and presence at my next court date, DECEMBER 14th in Section “L” of Criminal District Court at 8:15 a.m.. With you, I am certain of my ability to press forward in my fight for justice.

On another note, last week I enjoyed my very first Thanksgiving without the electronic shackle since my return home. I had a blast with the family. I hope and pray everyone had an enjoyable day as well. I look forward to many more opportunities to share and create memories with my family in the coming years.

Thank You All,